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Post by Sidhik on 01.09.10 16:22

Dear Sir,

As We know that Agriculture has very important role in the existance and development of a civilised society.At par wit the increasing population the necessity of Food security is well over come these situation our Govt have implementing various schemes for the Agrl Sector.Agrl Assistants are the grassroot level extention work force of the all state-central schemes implenting through the department of Agriculture. Though Agrl Assistants are not been considered in their various service matters as much as they deserve in accordance with their Qualification and work load

Like a Star @ heaven In all other Govt. departmnets, Diploma holders availing the starting pay scale 6680- while Agrl Assistants are getting only 6080- sacale of pay even then they have the qualification Diploma in Agriculture. It is a discrimination experienced by Agrl Assistants due to the details submitted before the PRC-05 from the Directorate of Agriculture.(You can VIEW JOB DETAILS,QUALIFICATIONS were submitted before LAST PAY REVISION COMMISSION)

Like a Star @ heaven Agricultural Assistants ratio promotion(5:3:2) has last sanctioned in the year 2003.After 2003 ratio promotion of Agrl Assistants has not sanctioned till date due to "Administrative reason

Like a Star @ heaven Agrl.Field Officer is the one and only Feeder category Gazetted promotion post(Now 49-earlier it was 66,19 posts abolished) sanctioned to Agrl.Assistants at the verge of their retirement. Agrl Field Officer is the Head of office of the Krishibhavan situates in Muncipality and Corporation area. Afetr 1987 many Muncipalities and Corporation were created, even then the number of AFO has curtailed from 66 to 47

Like a Star @ heaven 93% of Agrl.Assistants have been completing their service as Agrl Assistants itself. It is a very pathetic and unique situtaion in civil service. Hence Redesignate the Sr.Agrl Assistant as Assistant Agricultural Officer which has sanctioned earlier

Like a Star @ heaven 20 Krishibhavans were newly created in the year 2000.But the post of Agrl.Assistants did not sanction till date to the KBs newly created.Due to this laxity, Agrl.Assistants of nearby KBs engaging additional duty

Like a Star @ heaven In all other depratment , employees have a well defined Jobchart and deplyment of staff pattern. But there is no Jbchart ordered for Agrl Assistants

Like a Star @ heaven Now most of the Govt employees have aquired higher qualification than they required for the job.Most of the Agrl Assistants have higher qualifications.But promotion prospects fro the Agrl Assistants are very bleak.Hence increase the By transfer promotion as agricultural Officer from 15% to 30%.

Like a Star @ heaven All the said demands,We had been experienced once. Our demand is to restore the curtailed aforesaid matters.But our higher-ups ignoring all these demands. In response to the discrimination against Agrl.Assistants on behalf of Agricultural Assistants' Association ,SEPT 02 2010 observed as VANCHANADINAM. On Sept 02 al agrl.Assistants are requested to participate in all duties by wearing Black Bagde


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